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With an optimized return on investment. And an highly attractive price for management. The digital property management for all of Germany.

Property Management for 19,90 € per Month

Optimized Return
Competitive BASIC Price

Britta Bettendorf

Qualified Psychologist and Owner

Property Management 2.0

Thanks to the latest technologies, our management is more transparent and, above all, more efficient. These savings benefit you: You can book the BASIC package for as little as 19.90 € per unit and month.

More about our Pricing

You decide how much management to need.

Whether pure digital management as offered in the BASIC package is all you need. Or full on-site management as offered in the PREMIUM package.

Our Services and Pricing


  • With our OneStop app for owners, you can check all the data about your property. Anywhere, anytime. And in everything we do, you always have full control.
  • Our short contract terms give you flexibility and security. Because we want to convince you with our best-in-class service, not with long terms. 


  • While you let us manage your property, you don't have to do anything else yourself. We keep you informed without you having to try to call us over and over again.
  • And we don't wait for problems to occur, but offer practical solutions right from the start. No matter whether it's a tradesman, a rental, a contract or an accounting matter.

Reasonably Priced

  • The standard processes are automated, documents are digitized, and there is hardly any paper. This lowers the costs and consequently the price of managing your property.
  • Communication with tenants and landlords takes place via app. This reduces processing times and as a result the management costs.


  • At Bettendorf Property Management, we consider the management of your property as a management task with the goal of securing and optimizing your investment
  • Efficient technology saves you costs. A good relationship with your tenants saves you costs, too. Appropriate market rents in the rental contracts optimize your return. 

The Difference

Bettendorf Immobilien Management

Tenant management

We take care of all communication with the tenants as well as any damages and coordinate the necessary repair measures.

Tenant app

With our app for tenants we are available 24/7. In addition, everything of importance is always at hand in the app: messages, forms, appointments, documents - organized and secure.

Customer Portal for landlords

With our OneStop app for customers, landlords can transparently check all data about their property, rental income or craftsman invoices. Anytime, anywhere. Furthermore, instant communication with their property manager or having a video conference with her is so easy.

Dedicated contact person

For customers, Britta Bettendorf is the personal contact - available to answer any questions.

Optimized revenue

We calculate an appropriate market rent and secure rental income using suitable instruments, e.g. through index rents. Pending laws such as the rental freeze in Berlin are fully taken into account.

Legally secure rental contracts

We ensure our rental contracts are adapted to the constantly changing jurisprudence. Existing (or pending) laws such as the rental price brake or the rental freeze in Berlin are fully taken into account.

Statement on operating costs

We take care of the complete statement on operating costs - properly and quickly, i.e. in the first months of the following year.


In this package, the entire process of property and tenant advertising is done by an external real estate agent who charges separate fees for this service.

Customer-friendly term of 3 months

From 19,90 € per Month

Other property management

Tenant management

Traditional property managers usually take care of all communication with the tenants and any damages and coordinate the necessary repair measures.

Tenant app

Only few property management companies use a tenant app. Therefore, they can only be reached by tenants within fixed office hours.

Customer Portal for landlords

Only very few property management companies offer such service to the owner.

Dedicated contact person

Some property management companies have a contact person who takes care of the owner's needs and questions. Others don't.

Optimized revenue

Neither do property managers usually calculate a reasonable market rent - nor do they actively use instruments to increase rental income in the contracts.

Legally secure rental contracts

Property management companies ensure the rental contracts are adapted to the constantly changing jurisprudence.

Statement on operating costs

We take care of the complete statement on operating costs - properly but rarely quickly.


Property management companies usually deal with the entire marketing of vacant apartments: place advertisements, plan visits, screen and onboard tenants, set the right rent price.

Long terms of 2-3 years

Who we are

Bettendorf Immobilien Management

The founder: Britta Bettendorf is a psychologist, entrepreneur and property manager. She previously worked in market research, managed the office for the global head of an advertising holding company, and successfully ran the business of a hotel for seven years. She also holds an English degree in Data Science.

Our goal: to improve property management significantly. First, by optimizing the return on investment with effective management. Second, by lowering prices with efficient processes.

Where we work

All Over Germany

We are based in Berlin - however, our service is available throughout Germany. At the same time, we are and will always be a small, owner-managed company, where every landlord gets a tailor-made service.



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Bernd Reichert

Since Bettendorf Immobilien Management completely manages my two apartment buildings - including new rentals - I no longer have to worry about anything myself. Instead I have permanent insights into the commercial development of my investments via the app. In addition, the forward-looking problem management convinces me.