The owner, Britta Bettendorf, is an entrepreneur, qualified psychologist and real estate manager. She started to work in market research, managed the office for the global CEO of an advertising holding company, and successfully run a hotel for seven years. She also has an English-language degree in Data Science.

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Property manager

Since 2020 we have been pursuing the goal of managing real estate in a modern way: with lean, automated processes and smart communication. And with excellent service for owners and tenants. We want to demonstrate that property management can achieve more and cost less by making full use of the digital potential. Our mission starts in Berlin, where Bettendorf Immobilien Management has its headquarter and home. We currently are - and continue to be - an owner-managed boutique.

since 1/2020

Certified property manager (IHK)

The training at the Akademie für Immobilienwirtschaft Berlin (BBA) gave Britta Bettendorf all the tools she needed to start her business. And one thing is clear: the real estate industry is quite complex and fast-moving so that only those who keep their specialist knowledge up to date remain successful.

9/2019 - 12/2019

Data science training

The full-time online education took 5 months and was offered by Flatiron School in New York. Britta Bettendorf not only learned everything about databases, machine learning and neural networks here. Above all, she realized the enormous increase in efficiency that can be reached with digitalization.

10/2018 - 3/2019

Sabbath year

After the hotel was sold, Britta Bettendorf took a one-year break to sort out her next professional steps. She decided on the topic of data science because it met her interest in facts and figures. She was also curious to learn how data can optimize a business.

2017 - 2018

Hotel director

Together with her business partner, Britta Bettendorf has launched a boutique hotel and restaurant in Berlin, and successfully run it as managing director for seven years. There she was responsible for roughly 25 employees, and first and foremost needed to optimize room prices - and thus occupancy - through intelligent software. In order to limit costs and increase profits, her psychological sensitivity, well-trained business acumen and digital affinity were of great benefit.

2010 - 2017

Real customers. Real happy.

Alexander Schmidt-Vogel

The very relaxed atmosphere in my apartment building in Berlin is created by BETTENDORF through optimal care of the tenants on the one hand and profit-oriented management of my assets on the other hand. All of this through a high level of personal commitment, excellent specialist knowledge in all areas, a fair & friendly way of dealing with people, extraordinary reliability, accessibility, speed & precision as well as a very advanced digitalization of processes and communication.
In a nutshell: commitment, quality and hi-tech.
It couldn't be better.

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