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Do you manage apartment buildings only - or owners corporations as well?

Currently, we exclusively manage apartment buildings.

How do you make it as easy as possible for me to shift to you as new property management company?

After you have given notice in due time, we will take care of everything else: We will make good contact with the former property management, transfer (and digitalize) all documents and - in case the cooperation went well - offer to them to take over the bill of utility costs for the past year. This often proved to be beneficial for a smooth transition.

How do you agree on new rental contracts under the pending rental freeze in Berlin?

We agree on two rents: First, the "normal" rent, which is based on the BGB
(German Cicil Code) and is set out in a standard rental contract. Second, there is an attachment to the rental agreement, in which the capped rent is written down.
As long as the rent freeze applies, only the capped rent has to be paid. If the rent cover expires or is declared unconstitutional (which we assume), the
"normal" rent takes effect immediately and the tenant has to compensate for being in arrears with payments. Clearly, from then the tenant has to start paying the "normal" rent again.
We explain this mechanism to our tenants in great detail and furthermore regularly inform them of their arrears so that they (hopefully) can put the money aside and pay immediately.

What basis do you use to calculate your fee?

There are four different benchmarks for the compensation linked to the rent:

  • The net actual rent represents the rent income actually achieved WITHOUT prepayments for additional costs, other fees or VAT.
  • The net target rent is based on the rent to be achieved and is therefore a forecast value.
  • The two gross items (gross actual rent and gross target rent) include prepayments for additional rental costs.
Although around two thirds of the property management companies calculate on the basis of the gross target rent (8. VDIV-Branchenbarometer, annual survey 2020, page 49), we use the net actual rent. Why? It's only fair, because it is this rent that is actually achieved. TARGET is not (always) ACTUAL, and prepayments for operating costs do not belong to the owner.
What is the deadline for terminating the contract with you?

You can terminate your contract at any time with a notice period of 3 months.

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Alexander Schmidt-Vogel

The very relaxed atmosphere in my apartment building in Berlin is created by BETTENDORF through optimal care of the tenants on the one hand and profit-oriented management of my assets on the other hand. All of this through a high level of personal commitment, excellent specialist knowledge in all areas, a fair & friendly way of dealing with people, extraordinary reliability, accessibility, speed & precision as well as a very advanced digitalization of processes and communication.
In a nutshell: commitment, quality and hi-tech.
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