The safe property management for property owners.

As a rule, 80% of all resources in a property management company are spent on the same routine work: making phone calls, writing emails, creating files, etc. However, such activities contribute little to the revenue on your property. We optimize these processes and only use 20% of our time for routines that can't be automated, while we invest the lion's share of our work in strategic advice to the owner and proactive development of the property.

Our formula for success is simply: 20/80

Communicating efficiently and digitally with tenants and providers gives more time for real optimization, smart development and trustful cooperation with the owner.

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The easy property management for tenants.

With our app, tenants have a 24/7 connection to us, so they get answers to their inquiries much faster: Instant messaging makes it possible. Everything of importance is always at hand: messages, forms, appointments, documents - organized and secure. And if they want, tenants can also use the online tenant community to connect with their neighbors and perhaps rent equipment, celebrate parties or exchange news.

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If you have a question for me, or if you would like to have my way of working explained, or want to get to know me: Feel free to schedule a virtual meeting.

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